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From Scratch

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These friends from Oslo realized that the dream of becoming rock stars was too strong to shelve. With mom's vinyl collection and dad's box guitar, the girls decided to start a band from scratch.

From Scratch has in a very short time created their own musical expression; a delightful amalgam of catchy melodies, grungy guitar riffs and playful synths, with great emphasis on personal and socially critical lyrics. 

Having already played at festivals such as Øya, Træna and by:Larm, along with shows at well-established venues such as Blå and John Dee, the seemingly silly but damn real dream has not gone unnoticed. Receiving praise as one of the seven most promising bands in Norway by Øya and being listed on Bands of Tomorrow's list of 20 Nordic names to follow in 2020, stellar things are on the horizon.

contact: martin@soutielle.com